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The documentation applies to:✅ v0.9.0

Client side

Angular 9.0.0 is top SPA framework until now. It provides most of functionalities for building one SPA website, we don't need to add more libraries to make it done.

Beside, a main language of Angular is Typescript which is compiling language to Javascript. Typescript is very similiar with OOP languages such as Java or C#, so if you have a background in these languages, Typescript is easy to go.

Why don't choose React or Vue?

Interesting question nowaday, React and Vue are growing quickly and becoming two competitors of Angular. However, there are some reasons which we can't go with:

  • They are a library, not framework. That means we need to require many independent libraries to make SPA work. We don't need to take more time for resolving this problem in a small team.
  • The full-stack term is very popular now. So that means the developer can take hands-on both side. OOP-based language is a key point here, Typescript is good to go for switching a context between Client-side and Server-side.

Server side

.NET Core 3.1 is a main open-source framework to build all services on server side. Unlike .NET Standard has been built over 18 years without supporting cross-platform, .NET Core supports cross-platform, high-performance without many tightly dependencies on Windows OS.

In our opinion, a startup or small company needs to spend a small cost for hosting and then scale-up later. So Linux OS is a popular choice in this situation and .NET Core is a good way to go.



According to .NET Core features, we will aim Windows and Linux OS to test and deploy LET Portal. We haven't a plan for MacOS yet. These are list of testing OS (if you don't find your OS here, just try to deploy because we don't have enough time to test):

  • Windows 10 x64 OS
  • Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS
  • Docker with .netcore:3.1-alpine


Please read more detail here