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Let's start

The documentation applies to:✅ v0.8.0


You should ensure all these steps have been completed before reaching here:

  • Install all prerequisites
  • Do a basic installation step
  • Ensure MongoDB has been installed in your PC, read here

Wake up LET Portal

Before doing these steps, you should move to root folder of source code

Step 1: Publish server-side

sudo ./src/web-apis/

Step 2: Run server-side

Install screen command on Ubuntu

Because you should run multiple dotnet processes so we write a script with using screen.

You install it by executing this command sudo apt-get install screen

sudo ./src/web-apis/

Step 3: Run client-side

You should move to client-side folder by exectuing this command

cd .\src\web-portal
cd ./src/web-portal

If you don't have Typescript yet, so execute this command

npm install -g typescript

Then, use npm to install all libararies

npm install

Step 4: IMPORTANT - Combine external libraries

We got a problem when upgrading to Angular 9. Two libraries didn't work on Angular 9 so that we must move whole source code into libraries. So you must run two cli below to combine these.

ng build emoji-picker

ng build momentum-table

After you restore all libraries, you can run a client-side by this command

npm run local-debug

Now you open a browser and type url http://localhost:4200 . You will see this screen below

Homescreen LET Portal

Congratulation! You have run LET Portal sucessfully. Let's do a next step or you can switch some parts below: