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The documentation applies to:✅ v0.8.0

Simple Backup

LET Portal provides a simple backup strategy for helping you to ship a change from Staging to Production.

Basically, you just create a backup package and then upload it on Production server.

Backup as Revision

We are still designing a good backup strategy for addressing Backup as Revision. For example: You install version 0.5.0 LET Portal, then you restore one Backup, this will adjust this LET Portal version to 0.5.0-rev1.0. It helps you to address more changes easily on Production. But it is still on paper now.

Backup Builder

You can create a backup package on Backup Builder page. Clicks on Menu -> Core -> Backup Management -> Clicks on "Create" button

Backup Builder

Now you just search your components that need to be backup on Selection.

Then you click on Create button for creating a Backup package. You will see a downloading text below:

Backup Builder Complete

Now you just click on link text for downloading backup package (e.g Save it on your PC to restore on another server.