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Your first chart

The documentation applies to:✅ v0.8.0

What is Chart?

A brief of Chart is a section type. It helps you can build quickly a Chart for Dashboard or Reporting.

These steps below will help you to create one page with chart

Step 1: Go to Chart Builder Page

After you login successfully with default admin / @Dm1n!. On Apps List page, you choose a menu by clicking on a left menu icon on Header. Then clicks on Page Settings, and clicks on Charts Management.

Then you choose Dropdown on the right side of list, it will display a Create button, so click on this.

Go to chart builder page

Step 2: Fill out Chart Info

You enter a text "User Session Report" on "Display Name" field, "Name" and "Chart Title" will be auto-generated.

On "Layout Type", choose a three columns picture (a third choice)

On "Chart Type", choose Number Card

On "Mapping Projection", enter "name=name;value=value"

Chart Info

Now take a look on Chart Options section below, you should change these values by clicking on "Value" column

  • "allowrealtime", change "false" to "true"

Chart Options

You click on "Next" button to move on Databases & Filters section

Step 3: Fill a query

On "Connections", choose Identity Database

On "Choose Entity", choose usersessions


If you don't see "usersessions" option, please press on "refresh icon" next to "Connections"

On "Query", copy this json and parse

  "$query": {
    "usersessions": [
        "$match": {
          "alreadySignOut": false,
          "signInDate": {
            "$gte": "ISODate('{{currentISODate(-3600)}}')"
        "$count": "signincounts"
        "$project": {
          "name": "Activate Users",
          "value": "$signincounts"

Then you click on "Save" button in the top right.

Chart Database

Step 4: Connect with a page

Step 4.1: Create a page

We have one section component which is ready to intergate a page. Now open a left menu, choose Page Settings, then clicks on Pages Management.

On Pages Management, clicks on button then clicks on Create

Go to page builder

Step 4.2: Fill out Page Options

On a first step, you should fill out a Display Name. So you should enter a text User Sessions Monitor


Page name and url will be auto-generated according to your Display Name.

There are nothing here you should warn, presses on Next button to move Sections step

Page Info

Step 4.3: Add Section

Following this screenshot below to help add a section

Add Page Section

This step will open up a Section dialog. You need to enter some infos:

  • Choose Chart on "Choose Construction Type"
  • Choose User Sessions Monitor on "Choose Chart"
  • Enter Active Users (one hour) on "Display Name"

After that, presses on Save button to close a dialog

Step 4.4: Save a creating page

Now, there are nothing to do here. Just save your page by clicking on Save button of button.

Create page

Step 5: Test a page

After a page created, on Pages Management, type User Sessions on Search textbox to find your page, then presses Search button

Save a page url

You just highlight an url and copy this.

Now look on a browser's url, replace a string portal/page/pages-management by your copied url. Then press on Enter to redirect to your page.

Test a page

If you can reach here, so you test successfully a page.

Congratulation! You have created one page by LET Portal Mechanism. We will guide you to work with two remaining components that are Standard and Dynamic List.