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Your first app

The documentation applies to:✅ v0.8.0

Step 1: Go to App Builder page

After you login successfully with default admin / @Dm1n!. On Apps List page, clicks on button to show "Create" button. Click on that to redirect to App Builder page.

Go to app builder page

Step 2: Create an app

You need to fill out all fields with these values below:

  • Enters "monitorsapp" on Name field
  • Enters "Monitors" on Display Name field
  • Enters "portal/page/user-sessions-list" on Default Url field
  • Enters "1.0.0" on Version field
  • Enters "memory" on Icon field

Then you clicks on "Save" button to create an app

Save an app

Step 3: Create a menu for new app

On Apps List page, you click on "Menu" button on the same row of your created app.

Go to Menu Builder

On Menu Builder page, you won't see anything here because no menu has been added. Now you click on "Add menu" button on the left side.

Click add menu

On a dialog, you enter "User Monitor" on "Menu Name" field and choose "account_circle" on "Icon" field. Then you click on "Save" button

Fill menu dialog

Next, you need to create at least one sub menu. Click on "plus" icon next to your new menu, then click "Add child"

Add sub menu

On a dialog, you choose "User Sessions Monitor" on "Pick one url" field and choose "queue_play_next" icon on "Icon" field. These fields will be auto-generated. Save this sub menu by clicking on "Save" button.

Now you continue to click on "plus" icon on the same row of "User Sessions Monitor", click on "Add Below" to add "User Sessions List" node (you can choose any icon)

Later, you need to save a menu by clicking on "Save" button on the left side.

Save menu

Step 4: Assign an app to your role

Click on left menu, under Identity, choose "Roles Management" to redirect to "Roles Management" page.

Click on "Lock" icon on the same row of "SuperAdmin" role.

Go to permission page

On Role Claims page, you need to tick on "Monitors" under Apps node on a left Claims tree.

Next you need to enter "User Session" on "Search" textbox, tick on "Allow Page Access" on two page "User Sessions Monitor" and "User Sessions List". After that, click on "Save" button on the left side.

Add app on claims page

Step 5: Verify new app

Now you need to sign out and then sign in again. You will see a new app after you sign in successfully.

Select app

Congratulation! You learned how to create one app and how to integrate with Role-Based Authorization