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The documentation applies to:✅ v0.8.0

What is Expression?

Expression is a comparison string which must be equal true or false. It will be executed on client side so this uses Javascript syntax.

Usage: Many controls, filters have to use Expression to configure properties.

Available Global Variables

On expression string, you can access some global variables to help evalute. There are some global variables:


Description: it helps you to get signed user info.

Object structure:

    "userid": "1234",
    "username": "admin",
    "roles": ["SuperAdmin"],
    "claims": [
            "name": "apps",
            "claims": ["core"]
Example: user.username == 'SuperAdmin'


Description: it prefer to Portal Configuration which SPA gets before Angular Bootstrap runs Object Structure:

    "portalBaseEndpoint": "",
    "identityBaseEndpoint": ""

Example: configs.portalBaseEndpoint != null


Description: it prefer to Querystring parameters on current Url. For example: portal/page/user-form?id=123 so we will have is 123

Object Structure:

    "param1": ""

Example: != null


Description: it helps you to indicate Claims of current Page with current user have true or false

Object Structure:

    "allowaccess": true,
    "allowsubmit": true

Example: claims.allowaccess == true


Description: it helps you to get Options of currentPage. Object Structure:

    "option1": "abc"

Example: options.option1 == 'abc'

data - On Standard

Description: it helps you to read State Management data

Object Structure

    "userId": "abc",
    "userName": "xyz"

Example: data.userId == 'abc'

data - On Dynamic List

Description: it helps you to read current row data on each row in Dynamic List

Object Structure

    "name": "abc",
    "version": "123"

Example: == 'abc'

Dynamic List data