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The documentation applies to:✅ v0.8.0

What is Microservices?

Microservices is very popular in term of software design nowaday, in short meaning, it is a way of decoupling services as much as posible to out of monolithic container.

We are living in the microservices era, most of new service-based softwares are thinking about microservices first. However, it is always a long way to go in the begining. LET Portal, which isn't out of this thinking, is still decoupling independent services as much as posible.

Built-in features

It isn't easy to construct a microservices in the begining. In fact, you should learn a lot of tool aspects such as Container Oschestration (Docker, Kubernetes), Service Discovery (Eureka), Service Configuration (Consul), etc. And they are suitable for medium to big projects (that require huge software components). LET Portal, in another hand, is a small project to help small company to adapt daily work. Thus, we provide some built-in features to help you reduce some burden tools above. There are features list which we provide:

  • Service Monitor: inverval checking service status, it helps to detect a service problem such as CPU, Memory, HTTP Requests.
  • Service Configuration: centralized configuration files, it helps to control multiple configuration files with multiple Environments.
  • Centralized log: it helps to find quicly an error without tracing log files which staye on each service

All features are in Service Management Apis project.