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Introduction to LET Portal

LET Portal is a web platform which helps a company to centralize all internal activities of departments in one system. LET Portal provides many features that push a change quickly to adapt expectation of Back Office.

Our vision is to help IT department, who carries many business aspects, delivers an internal feature to another department. We also help a Back Office, who is most end-users of LET Portal, can quickly resolve their work when any upcoming software is live.


LET Portal is still developing a few features which only adapt a startup and small company. We hope to get more contribution and involve to adapt many business cases.

Why choose LET Portal?

A problem of company

Let's take a look a small picture about Software Delivery in a company when any software is upcoming.

Software Delivery

Many startup and small companies are mainly focusing on our software product which helps to engage clients contributes their revenue. Therefore, most of the time is developing and testing an application to ensure a quality of product, so they cut down preparation time by many ways (e.g training documentation, reporting).

However, based on our experience, it is always increasing cost in maintainance time, raising a burden of complexity to Back Office team when they are supporting clients. Day by day, these chains can cause the product to be poor in client eyes.

A solution of LET Portal

LET Portal helps IT team can provide quickly some application forms, monitor dashboard, reporting charts which are around an upcoming product. Beside, LET Portal allows IT team to configure Role-based Authorization that helps users to act correctly, according to their assigned role.

There are core features which LET Portal provides.

Core Features

Changes Log

Current version: ✅ v0.8.0

Features List

  • Users
    • Login
    • Forgot Password
    • Users Management
    • Roles Management
  • Apps
    • Apps Management
    • Menu
  • Pages
    • Pages Management
    • Page Builder
    • Page Render
    • Standard Forms
      • Standards Management
      • Standard Builder
        • Single Standard
        • Standard Array
    • Dynamic List
      • Dynamic List Management
      • Dynamic List Builder
      • Export Excel
    • Charts
      • Charts Management
      • Chart Builder

Technical Features List

What is technical features?

Technical features list is prefer to some software techniques which are built-in in LET Portal. They can't be viewed via UI, only visible by source code. We separate them to make Developer can track features quickly.

  • Micro-services
    • Services Monitor
      • Hardware Monitor
      • HTTP Monitor
    • Services Log
      • Centralized log with MongoDB
      • Manual collect
    • Services Configuration
      • Shared Configuration
      • Merge as Version-based configuration
  • Databases
    • Databases Management

About author

Hi, I am An Quang Phuc Le, live in Viet Nam, my English name is Johnathan Le (if you hard to pronounce Vietnamese language). I have worked on Microsoft technologies from 2011 such as .NET WebForm, .NET MVC, .NET Core, SQL Server, Azure, etc.