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The documentation applies to:✅ v0.8.0

LET Portal CLI is cross-platform toolchain for installing, uninstalling, upgrading, downgrading and patching a Portal Database and Identity Database.

DevOps culture, Coninous Integration and Coninous Delivery are very popular, so LET Portal need to adapt with these changes for making easier life.

However, we are still developing this CLI to make it 'like' any popular CLI such as Dotnet CLI so it might take long time to complete. At this time, it is just a compiled source code and set it into Windows and Linux Environment.

Installation & Update

A simple step is you run a script file to install or update LET Portal CLI.


Update new version

We always update a CLI so that you need to update frequently by running this script.

Default installation folder



letportal <APP> <Command> <Version> [-c|--connection] [-db|--db-type] [-f|--file] [-p|--patch]

CLI Commands

The following commands are installed by default: